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About UAE

Internet in UAE
Etisalat, the national telecommunication company, started providing Internet services since 1995. Since then the number of Internet users have increased dramatically from 380 subscribers to 332,000 dialup users and from 0 to more than 1000 lease lines.

UAE has one of the highest Internet penetration in the Arab World (Approx. 30%), and highest number of Internet users. Emirates Internet & Multimedia (EIM) was established on 7th March 2000, as Internet business unit of Etisalat providing Internet services, creating awareness, enhancing infrastructure and developing the needed tools for easy Internet access.

EIM has the largest customer base among Arab ISP's currently there are 262,000 (As of December 2001) dial up subscribers, which can be approximated to 920,000 Internet users.

The total population of UAE is 3.1 million with 565,000 household. Internet penetration is 32% in the household sector, and 45% of the total registered companies in UAE under its business sector.

EIM provides various kinds of Internet services using different access technologies such as dial up (56k), ISDN (64-128k) and ADSL (384 / 128k) for individual and residential users and provides ISDN, ADSL and Lease Line services for its business clients at an extremely competitive rates.

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